Apple denied the official launch of the trade-in program in Russia

On July 26, Apple allegedly officially launched a trade-in program in Russia, where the participants of the campaign were offered to exchange the old iPhone model for a new one with some additional payment. Initially, the old smartphones were supposed to be shopping networks "Svyaznoy", "M.Video" and "re: Store", but in fact the pioneer was the latter. We decided to find out whether Apple itself is involved in this, or the entire trade-in program is an initiative of authorized resellers in Russia.

To do this, contacted Apple's support in Russia, where in the sales department reported that Apple does not officially offer a trade-in program in Russia. According to the representative of the company, Apple's Russian resellers act in accordance with their trade policy and "independently decide what shares to offer." What authorized resellers do with the old iPhone, purchased under the program, in Apple to declined.

Since Apple actually has nothing to do with the new trade-in program on the iPhone in Russia, the company also does not regulate the price of redemption – according to the corporation's spokesperson, it is set by resellers themselves.

When the program was launched, many, including our readers, were dissatisfied with the price policy of resellers – the discount on trade-in was not even close to the cost of selling the iPhone in the secondary market, moreover, taking into account official price tags, the purchase turned out to be completely unprofitable. Now it's clear that Apple itself does not have anything to do with this, so the stores set the repurchase amounts they want. It remains a mystery only the fate of the redeemed iPhone: if the resellers and sell them again, the fact of resale, if you believe the representatives of Apple, is not fixed, so the official guarantee for the device will not be provided.

We asked representatives of re: Store to comment on Apple's participation in the Russian trade-in program, pricing policy and further actions of the store with the bought out iPhone, but have not yet received an operative comment on these issues.

Recall, for trade-in in Russia, you can take iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus. The smartphone should be in working order and not have any visible damage. This determines the size of the discount that the consumer will receive. In this case, the device must be purchased in Russia.

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