Apple's business is doing better than we could imagine

While analysts are in a hurry to "bury" Apple, the company is showing new records. This time, financial – the cost of shares of the technological giant on the NASDAQ exchange today has reached a record value for the entire history of the corporation.

The price of Apple securities exceeded 161 dollars per share – the previous record was set by the company immediately after the announcement of the results for the last quarter. Despite the fact that Apple did not report any sensational news, investors reacted positively to the company's report. Thus, the total value of the corporation reached 832 billion (!) Dollars.

Some experts believe that this is not the limit. According to CNBC, the stock price of Apple can break through the mark of 200 dollars. After that, it will become the world's first corporation with a capitalization of more than $ 1 billion. No matter how often we abuse Apple and Tim Cook personally, obviously the company has chosen the right course.

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