Can I make the loudspeaker iPhone louder?

The last few days on the Web actively spreads a way that supposedly allows you to increase the volume of iPhone playback (in particular, the speaker) using the standard settings of iOS. What is this method and how does it work in reality? Let's try to figure it out.

The "secret" setting item is located in the "Music" section, where there is a menu like "Equalizer". According to many users, if you include the "Late Night" as an equalizer, the iPhone speaker starts to play music louder than before, especially if you turn the volume down to maximum.

In fact, "Late Night" mode "clamps" the sound of loud, harsh and dynamic songs, so users activate it, usually to make it easier to fall asleep to the music. Nevertheless, some iPhone owners point out that the reproduced sound really got louder, others say that only the bass became deeper, while other characteristics did not change, while others say that the method does not work.

Apple itself describes this mode as "shrinking the dynamic range of the audio output, reducing the loudness of loud areas and increasing the volume of quiet areas." That is, in a noisy environment, "Late Night" actually should improve the playback volume. And how does this mode behave on your device? Try and unsubscribe in the comments.

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