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Linia (Free of charge) | Simpler Pro (Free) | Easy Spending (Free)

Every day we manually select for you the best offers from the App Store, which become free or distributed at a great discount. Every day, new and better applications for your iPhone, iPad or Mac. You can find even more fresh and appetizing skidochek on the special channel AppleInsider.ru in Telegram !


A colorful puzzle game that combines a relaxing atmosphere and simultaneously challenges your brain. Have time to download while it's free!

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<p><strong> <strong> </strong> </strong> </strong> <br /> <strong> Compatibility: </strong> The universal application of the <br /> <strong> The reference: Install </strong> </p>
<h3> Simpler Pro </h3>
<p> So smart contact manager that he is smarter than many users. Combine all duplicate contacts with one touch, create backups and much more. </p>
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<p><strong> <strong> </strong> The Simpler Pro <br /> <strong> Price: </strong> Free of charge (1945 rub.) <br /> <strong> Compatibility: </strong> The universal application <br /> <strong> Link : Install the </strong> </p>
<h3> Easy Spending </h3>
<p> A very popular personal finance tracker, available today for free. If you can not accumulate and begin to systematize money in any way, we suggest you try it. </p>
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Title: Easy Spending
Price: Free of charge (1945 rub.)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link : Install the

Web application # skidochki

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 screen2 "width =" 260 "height =" 462 "/> <img itemprop=  Discounts "width =" 260 "height =" 462 "/> <img itemprop= * Please note that all shares have a limited time, so the price of the application can be changed by the developer at any time, and the discount will end.

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