How has CarPlay changed in iOS 11

iOS 11 contains a lot of not only visible, but hidden functions, some of which can be recognized only under certain circumstances. One of the interesting innovations concerns CarPlay – the integration of the iPhone with the multimedia car.

The lion's share of innovations came with the application "Maps", writes iDB. Firstly, when connected via CarPlay, the application now displays a speed limit. In addition, for a few hundred meters before the turn it tells you which waypoint it is better to take to comfortably and accident-free maneuver.

The function "Do not disturb while driving" is automatically activated. As soon as the iPhone recognizes that you are in the car, it turns on a mode that keeps the screen "black" despite new notifications. For emergency messages, you can set exceptions.

Another innovation is associated with the tips in the "Maps" application. For example, if you are traveling on the same route, and somewhere you can drive faster, the application will tell you directly on the screen.

Of the small innovations it is worth noting the support badges notifications on the application icons, a slightly updated interface, as well as the ability to take a screenshot with a single click. Some innovations are not yet available in Russia, but should become so after the release of iOS 11 this fall.

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