John Scully believes that his new startup will become more Apple

John Scully does not need a presentation for our readers. This man played a very important role in the history of Apple. 26-year-old Steve Jobs persuaded Scully to leave the post of CEO of Pepsi in order to become CEO of Apple. Later, they began to disagree, after which Jobs was fired from the company, for which difficult times began. Today, Scully is optimistic about her future.

John Sculley spent 10 years as CEO of Apple, but Jobs's dismissal of Jobs was forever the most memorable moment in his work. Today he regrets what happened, saying that he underestimated the role of the founder for the company.

Alas, nothing good Apple without Jobs was not remembered, and Scully, having left the company, began to invest in technological projects. He never worked in a company that could argue with Apple's current greatness, but Scully believes that everything will change.

A startup over which Scully works today, he said, may one day become bigger than Apple, and he will earn more money. It would seem impossible, if Scully did not leave the technology industry. A new project called RXAdvance works in the field of health.

The idea of ​​a startup should optimize health care costs, which are enormous. Scully believes that his project can save $ 350 billion, which are wasted for unnecessary medications and excess medicines. In this sphere, much more money is circulating than in the market of technological products, and if Scully ever beat Apple, then definitely not on her field.

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