Princess Diana Wedding: Photos from Her Wedding to Prince Charles

A wedding for the ages

princess dianaREX Shutterstock/shutterstockOn July 19, 1981, Lady Diana Spencer married Charles, Prince of Wales, and they became one of the most notable couples in the history of the British monarchy. What no one knew back then was that Diana had a secret message painted on her shoes.

The royal ride

princess dianaREX Shutterstock/shutterstockThe couple arrived separately at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London by way of an elegant carriage ride, and then departed the same way together as husband and wife.

Inside the ceremony

princess dianaREX Shutterstock/shutterstockThink this church looks crowded? An estimated 750 million people watched the wedding ceremony worldwide. Luckily, few could hear Diana when she messed up her wedding vows. That just goes to show that anyone can get wedding day jitters! Here are more secrets about Princess Diana no one knew until after her death.

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Sharing secrets

princess dianaAP REX Shutterstock/shutterstockWe can’t be sure what Prince Charles is telling his bride, but we can only assume they were words of love. Or he was trying to calm her wedding jitters!

Here comes the bride

princess dianaREX Shutterstock/shutterstockPrincess Diana’s gorgeous train was a whopping 25 feet long. It took her three and a half minutes to walk up and down the aisle! There were reportedly 10,000 pearls on her dress, which she also spilled perfume on. This is the fragrance she wore on her wedding day.

Familiar faces

princess dianaREX Shutterstock/shutterstockQueen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip joined in the carriage procession back to Buckingham Palace. This couple has a fascinating love story of their own—just check out these photos from their 70 years of marriage.

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The princess wave

princess dianaREX Shutterstock/shutterstockDiana never looked more like a princess than when she did a princess wave to a crowd of adoring spectators. She always had a special place in her heart for her people. These are the most memorable quotes from the People’s Princess.

Meeting the parents

princess dianaREX Shutterstock/shutterstockTalk about a powerful double date! After the ceremony, Prince Charles and Princess Diana shared a moment with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, another equally precious couple. Prince Philip even has his own nickname for Her Majesty.

The whole family

princess dianaAP REX Shutterstock/shutterstockThis family portrait with the bride and groom shows just how close the royal family is. But to us outsiders, remembering who’s who from which marriage can get a little tricky. That’s why we keep this royal family tree on hand.

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