To draw without a pencil? With ARKit everything became possible

When it seems that the ARKit technology will not surprise us, the developers are uploading new videos, where they show incredible things using the augmented reality from Apple. On one of the latest such video, the developer, using ARKit, drew the picture with his fingers, without using any writing accessories.

According to MacRumors, the developer found in iOS 11 a library called Vision, which allows you to activate virtual drawing. The object tracking function automatically detects the direction of the finger movement and starts to display the drawing in parallel on the device screen.

ARKit can become the largest supplemented reality platform in the world and will bring mobile applications to a whole new level. Given that the technology works only with the camera, processor and motion sensors of the iPhone and iPad, it will be available to the maximum number of users. True, on old devices "to have fun" so it does not turn out.

The first applications with ARKit will not appear in the App Store before the official release of iOS 11, but even now it can be understood that the technology will be very much in demand both by developers and users at the expense of huge opportunities.

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