My rave: Natalia Davydova – about the return of the insane 90’s fashion

Natalia Davydova

Natalia Davydova

The experience of the last couture week, when the stars of the street style became fans of the creativity of the Vetements, allowed me to clearly understand: it’s time to get a sweatshot from the closet with the inscription Yes No, hidden there fifteen years ago. Fashion requires raski, platforms, gopnik, gopnits, and with it – decisively recall youth. Grange did not spare the tender blonde Olga Karput, nor the once feminine Miroslava Duma.

New York is the place to try on this style, it organically fits into the city. “Girl, how old are you?” – I asked, seeing in the mirror myself, suddenly returned to her Zemfir childhood. We performed on a giant platform with a duet with my girlfriend, the stylist Gala Borzova. People parted and frankly looked around.

The fun ended when a husband came to visit and invited his rebellious wife to a restaurant. Well, I think it’s time for new products from Saint Laurent, where my favorite designer Anthony Vaccarello recently came and continued his course on the Revere style there. Pantyhose in the net, mini skirt and black shoes on the platform made the horrible visitors to the restaurant terrified, and my spouse confused.

Conclusion: grunge to be on Fashion Week and on parties with girlfriends, but do not scare them on dates of men – they are already terrified of modern fashion. Yes, and I, to admit honestly, again dressed in a feminine image, felt real fatigue from all this fashionable chernukha. No wonder one of the great wrote: “It’s good to be a girl in a pink coat, you can and not in pink, but not the same …”

Natalia Davydova and Gala Borzova

Natalia Davydova and Gala BorzovaNatalia DavydovaNatalia Davydova and Gala BorzovaNatalia Davydova and Gala BorzovaNatalia DavydovaNatalia DavydovaNatalia DavydovaNatalia DavydovaNatalia DavydovaNatalia Davydova

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